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Would you like to sell bitcoin in a simple and safe way by bank transfer? The secured plateform BYKEP gives you the possibility to sell bitcoin fast.

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Available on iOS, Android and on all browsers in its web version.

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A valid ID and 90 seconds to create your account.

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Sell your bitcoin

From bitcoin to euro by only one bank transfer

From bitcoin to euro by only one bank transfer

Cheap and fast

Choose your amount, your bank account and validate the operation. You will receive the bank transfer on your account as soon as possible ( 2 to 7 days)

Safety and trust

Our equipe is available, ready to satisfy your needs, and answer all of your questions

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Wire bank transfer 2,49%

Receive by email an e-ticket to scan and credit your Bitcoin directly to your BYKEP account

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Buy in cash for 1.5€ fees

Buy cryptocurrencies in cash using the BYKEP voucher available in 30.000 points of sale in Europe

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